If You Need to Hire Somebody


Omaha's fourth largest publisher, Omaha Edition teams up with  world renowned Strategy Firm, Universal Experts to arrest the local labor shortage by bridging the gap between employer and prospect.

This isn't another employment website drowning would-be candidates in a sea of text, ensuring they never look past the fifth ad. Or some national conglomerate that advertises just enough to be recognizable when heard, but not enough to come to mind when the circumstance arises.

We have a visually appealing easy to navigate job board; that anyone can browse at anytime. Advertisers can choose to have candidates apply right on this site or follow a link to their own.

Ad views, Page Visits, Link Clicks and Submissions are all tracked to ensure that advertisers are getting their full value and to identify any weak points in the sales funnel.

NEHring.com is better at finding candidates too. Not only is the site managed by a professional strategy firm with over two decades of intense marketing experience, but we're also 100% local. Our people are in the PTA, at church, embedded in the community we serve. It's that invaluable networking segment that national companies couldn't hope to compete with.

Being local also makes us accountable. We keep our promises and answer your calls because we're quite literally your neighbors.

It's not suited for every company - but if you can answer yes to any of the following questions, it may be time to try something new.

Are you already advertising for employees and not thrilled with the results?

Have you had to raise starting wages, overpaying for under-qualified help?

Have you had to turn away business because you were short staffed?

Have you had to overwork your loyal employees?

Has your overtime expenses went up?

Have you had to lower your standards to fill a shift?

If so that $200 per month expense to get back to normal ($1 per hour for a single employee) may be the best investment you make all year.

Risk Free Guarantee -

If you advertise on NEHiring.com for 6 consecutive months and decide the results didn't meet your expectations, we will cut you a check for the entire 6 months, no questions asked. The only stipulation is that you wont be able to advertise on the site in the future.

Getting Started -

You can get started right now by filling out the form below. Feel free to add any specific instruction, upload or include links to any ads you'd like us to use. Once we receive your submission we'll get to work either designing a new ad for you or uploading an existing one you'd like us to use. You get unlimited revisions, positions posted and social media shout-outs. There is absolutely no additional expense.

If you have additional questions or would prefer to meet with someone either via phone or in person feel free to email us at Dale@NEHiring.com or call us at (402)301-2625 and we will get something scheduled.

Once form is complete Click "I'm in" button, then scroll down to complete payment.